“Fight” by Ronnie Freeman

I came to know the music of Ronnie Freeman when I found out that he wrote “My Inheritance,” which was a great song recorded live by Travis Cottrell. At the time, I was co-leading (with my wife) worship music for our local Celebrate Recovery ministry, and I wanted to do the song for one of the Thursday night meetings.

At that time, I had never heard of Ronnie Freeman, so I looked him up and found “My Inheritance” on his album “God Speaking. But in addition to the song I was looking for, I found a collection of tremendous, heartfelt songs about the struggle between flesh and spirit.

So, check out this song, “Fight,” and if you can find it, the songs “Winter” and “Loves the Light” and “No Changing That” will also bless you.

So, if you feel like me–someone who “didn’t pull the trigger enough” and has been “blindsided and shot down,” find some encouragement in “Fight” by Ronnie Freeman.


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