We Are the Hem of His Garment


“Having heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His robe. For she said, ‘If I can just touch His robes, I’ll be made well!'”

Mark 5:27-28 (HCSB)

I had a friend of mine share this scripture on Facebook yesterday (thanks, Kyla!), and I was struck by something that I never had even considered before. This woman was changed by an encounter with Jesus Christ, but this was no ordinary encounter. She had such faith in Jesus, that she believed that merely touching His robe might heal her.

And, of course, she was right.

But here’s the thing. What struck me is that she didn’t have to touch JESUS HIMSELF. She just touched something that was in CONTACT with Him.

Isn’t that US as Christians? Aren’t we the hem of his garment–constantly in contact (or we should be) with Him?

And shouldn’t people who we interact with on a daily basis be fundamentally changed through their contact with us, just as this woman was by touching the robe that Jesus wore?

If not, does that mean our connection to the Savior needs to be repaired, reinstated, or recharged?


“I look back on…


“I look back on my own life—even as few as ten years ago—and wonder what damage I have done to God’s kingdom by claiming Christ and living for myself. Fortunately, our God never gives up on us. Like the father in the story of the prodigal son, he waits and hopes that, some day, we will realize the filth that we are. In those childhood professions we too often become the prodigal son. We belong to His family but have no idea what that means. Too many of our churches and youth programs focus only on the profession of faith and not on training to be good servants. I read the Bible, attended church, got plugged in, etc. All to make myself a better person instead of to be a better SERVANT.  The Christian life is one of service to God—for God—not for self. We are fortunate our Father watches over us and waits for us with so much patience and grace.”

A testimony sent to me by high school friend David Warren over Facebook. So much truth!